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1) You must be registered in the Resident Evil Ambassador Program.
2) You must be over 18.

Japan: Tokyo
US: Los Angeles, California
US: New York City, New York
Germany: Frankfurt

[Schedule] (timetable TBD)
Tokyo: Saturday, Feb. 29
 or Sunday, Mar. 1

Los Angeles: Sunday, Mar. 8
 or Monday, Mar. 9

New York: Thursday, Mar. 12
 or Friday, Mar. 13

Frankfurt: Friday, Mar. 20
 or Saturday, Mar. 21

[Participation Fee]

* You will be completely responsible for your own transportation arrangements to the research site, including any associated fees.
* Please note that apply does not guarantee participation.After the deadline for apply.  we will send you a survey e-mail about the Resident Evil franchise.

[Application Period]
Wednesday, Jan. 29 through Wednesday, Feb. 5